Learning To Reed

Westcoast Boogie






A Walk In The Park

New Mexico Way

Otter River Road

The Blues


Michelle Bailey  'Jesus, Lover of My Soul'

"Hands down, Rod is and will always be my personal guitar hero! His sweet and warm guitar tone is out of this world and he's got country licks for days! It's hard to appreciate every guitar player that comes along after I've heard and worked with the best, and Rod is. He's an incredible gift to the music world as a player and producer! That is why I chose him to produce my gospel album. I appreciated how he treated each song individually and added something unique and special to each one, making the entire album a hit among fans. I'm so proud to have learned and worked with the best! I recommend his work to anyone wanting the best quality that can be found in music and production. Thank you Rod!"- Michelle Bailey

Recording Credits

Shawn Camp 'Lucky Silver Dollar' (2001)