Rod draws inspiration from the world around him. He is inspired by fellow musicians and artists. He has been very fortunate to know such talent and is very thankful for their influence on his musical career.

"Rod Riley is one of the finest guitarists I've had the pleasure of working with. He's creative and brings energy...I love his unique style of bending notes especially when he's feeling inspired. Great guy with a great attitude, he would be an asset to any band or recording session."- Buck Reid,  Steel Guitarist, Lyle Lovett's Large Band

"I hired Rod to do some guitar work on my film documentary. The scene was about Hank Cochran, who as a child, almost didn't make it. Rod's rendition of Amazing Grace was spectacular! The tone of his guitar, the tempo and emotion he put into it made for a beautiful and poignant moment, and one of my favorite scenes in the film. Rod also did some slide guitar work, that is some of the best I have ever heard. He gave me exactly what I wanted on the soundtrack."- Wesley Pryor, Director of Hank Cochran 'Livin For A Song', Reel Cool Films

News & Reviews

"Rod Riley is much more than just a hot player. He is a well seasoned grownup musician who makes good use of years of experience. He knows how to make a song and the singer sound the best they can. Afterall, that is the job of a musician, whether on stage or in the studio. He understands it's not what you say, it's what you make the song say. He's a good one."Hoot Hester, Session Musician, member of the Grand Ole Opry staff band

"This is one sick individual...his impeccable timing, taste, creative bends and to-die-for chicken pickin are all the more reasons why he needs to see a doctor."- Tommy Hannum, Session Musician, Guitar/Steel player Wynonna Band

"Rod is a very accomplished guitar player. His versatility and sweet tone makes him one of my favorites to listen to." - Brent Mason, Session Guitarist

"I knew Rod was a very good player before he started playing in our band, the Music City Playboys. Now that I pick with him 3 nights a week, I can truly say that he is one of the most groovin', tasteful guitar players I have ever worked with. His tone is warm, and his Jerry Reed-like rhythm spoils me. Rod's solos also show the seasoned experienced musician that he is. This is my good friend, Rod Riley!"- Randy Mason,  Drummer, Jimmy C. Newman Band

"Rod Riley is a great guitar player! I have known Rod for years and watched him grow from a young man into a seasoned guitarist. Rod has a natural rhythmic feel that he incorporates into his performance that is not often heard."- Sid Hudson, Guitarist for Buddy Emmons' Superpickers, CEO of Live Steel Strings

"Rod Riley is a talented, tasteful and well rounded Nashville guitarist. He plays many styles equally well on both electric and acoustic guitars. He's also just a really nice guy who's fun loving and generous to other players!"- Brian Franklin, Guitarist for Kenny Rogers

"I have been a fan of Rod Riley for a long time for many reasons. One being that he is one of the good guys of the Nashville guitar scene that is respected by his fellow pickers. Besides his pleasant demeanor, this guy can flat out play some smokin' guitar in any situation. In this day of so many distorted guitar sounds, Rod can do that, too, but he can separate the men from the boys and turn off all that and play some clean precise guitar that will amaze us- that is the mark of a true, accomplished guitar master. In the words of the great Jerry Reed, 'Make it count son'- Rod does that, indeed."- Fred Newell, Session Guitarist, guitarist for TNN's Nashville Now

"Rod Riley is one of my favorite guitar players in Nashville. He has been an inspiration, and I am sincerely proud to have him as a brother and friend."- Johnny Hiland, Guitarist